Inline Ball Valve Dual Check Valve DN20 – BSP


Strongcast Ball Valve with integrated Dual Check Valves are a unique combination of relevnt products for metering.  As backflow prevention is often relied upon via the water meters or by a downstream dual check valve, the Strongcast solution allows an alternative location for the non-return valve.  This combination design is simple to maintain and allows for the utility to take more control of backflow prevention while also removing the non-return valves from static meters when present.  Why lose your valuable asset for a check valve issue?

USE IN: DN20 Meter Connections
DN: 20
PN: 16
MATERIAL: DZR Brass, 316 Stainless Steel ball
INLET: Dual Thread 1″ Male + 3/4″ Female
Z PREFIX: BSP Meter nut (Recycled, 11 TPI connections)
Q PREFIX: 14 TPI Meter nut (VIC, QLD, WA, SA)
N PREFIX: 14 TPI Meter nut (NSW)
STANDARDS: AS4796, AS5830,  AS4020, AS/NZ2845
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