Metering Consultation

Metering Consultation

We can help you customise the right metering products to suit your needs.  Our innovative solutions can be implemented in multiple applications for a range of installation benefits delivering simple and cost effective means of reducing labour and non-revenue water losses.

The Strongcast team can liaise, develop and produce products to improve specific challenges utilities can face with ageing infrastructure surrounding water meters.

In 2017 Strongcast received an international accolade from the Good Design Awards for brining innovation and new technologies to the building and hardware industry via our complete meter box assembly.  The meter box assemblies have now grown to over 100 combinations to suit a broad range of utility requirements while reducing water losses.  See our custom assemblies page for more information.

This patented Strongcast design has proven to significantly influence the industry and benefit utilities with non-revenue water targets as water is one of our most precious resources.



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Why Strongcast?

Strongcast manufactures a range of cutting edge products designed to significantly reduce non-revenue water losses throughout water service networks for a number of major utilities. These high quality products have been precisely manufactured to improve the infrastructure supplying our most valuable resource and can be customised to suit a multitude of applications.

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