SENSUS-HRI Pulse and Data System

SENSUS-HRI Pulse and Data System

CODE: HRI-B (Mbus)

HRI (high resolution interface) is a universal
sensor which is compatible with a wide
range of meters, including single-jet, multijet and piston meters with dry-dial and
semi-dry registers in glass-copper or plastic
housing. HRI can be retrofitted on all Sensus
meters since 2008 pre-equipped with an
HRI modulator.

Main Features

• Suitable for a wide range of meters
• Load-free sensor detecting the pointer‘s rotation
• May be retrofitted to pre-equipped meters
• Detects flow direction
• No influence to the meters performance
• Contact bounce suppression
• Self-diagnostics
• Ultra long battery life
• Hermetically-sealed housing (IP68)
• Non magnetic principle

Sensus-HRI Brochure