Manifold Bases

Manifold Base BSP

CODE: QC6703/QC9746

Strongcast Manifold base for BSP connections. For use with copper, galvanised pipe and other threaded connections.  Compatible with ...

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Manifold Base PE25

CODE: QC6704/QC7094

Strongcast Manifold base for PE25 connections on both Inlet and Outlet.  With inbuilt PE25 compression fittings this manifold ...

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Dual Check Valve / Strainer

CODE: C2876

Complete Dual Check Valve and Strainer for use with DN15 Water Meters. Easily maintained by interchanging C2876 internal ...

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Manifold Cap


Manifold cap used on manifold meters so maitenance of dual check valves is simple and accessible.  Easily removed ...

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