Mobile Data collection divices

Mobile Data collection divices


Mobile data collection offers efficiency, accuracy, real-time insights, and cost savings. It enables remote, geo-tagged, and customizable data collection, benefiting decision-making across industries while reducing environmental impact.

ARSS USB Receivers: Reliable 433MHz solution for Sensus meters, seamless integration with ECHO software. Simplify wireless data collection.

Equipped with a USBc interface, the ARSS USB Receivers effortlessly connects to a phone or tablet to receive data from Sensus meters. By capturing and decoding wireless signals, it serves as the bridge between your meters and data collection system, streamlining the entire process. Also avalable with magnetic vehicle arial.

SIRT (Sensus Interface Radio Tool)
SIRT is a radio modem for SensusRF radio  connection to a handheld via Bluetooth and using SensusREAD software. SIRT provides two internal antennas and forwards
radio messages from the strongest one received
(diversity function).